Matris Zadní Tlumič pro Kawasaki ZX6R 09-12 M05R verze


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Kód: MK113.11R
Značka: Matris Dampers Srl
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Dostupnost: 1 - 3 týdny
Cena: 38 570 Kč
bez DPH: 31 876 Kč
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MATRIS “Monoshock” New line of monoshock absorber pro road and sport bikes projected and manufactured with highend technical characteristics and materials. Three-way adjustable hydraulic mono-tube damper with separate expansion tank pressurized. Only Nitrogen gas (N2) is used Damper heads and every mobile and fixed parts are machined from Alu7075 billet and are surface treated by anodic oxidation Cylinders made from Alu7075 light alloy too are subjected to hard anodic oxidation (hard-coating) which confers a great wear resistance Piston rod made from alloy steel and faced with hard chrome is subjected to a PVD TIN coating treatment fro greater abrasion resistance Lower joint (rose jointed or proked) is machined from Alu7075 billet and is surface-treated with anodic oxidation Spring is preloaded by a self-locking ring nut or by a traditional nut and locknut assembly. Separate (“flex”) or incorporated hydraulic spring loading systems are available on request (or embedded in models not standard) Damper adjustment is provided by three distinct and indipendent adjustment units: 1. Extension adjustment unit 2. Compression adjustment unit pro High Speed applications 3. Compression adjustment unit pro Low Speed applications

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