Factory Pro Teka SFI 2 (Suzuki Fuel Injection) Box- Professional Tuning Kit


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Factory Pro TEKA SFI 2 (Suzuki Fuel Injection)  Box- Bare Bones Kit

  • Easily programs the bikes fuel injection, then is removed
  • Real-time fuel injection adjustment for Idle and cruise settings
  • 5 discreet Throttle position settings
  • Easy to read LCD screen that stores tuning settings
  • Can be used with 16 and 32 bit ECU's
  • No laptop required
  • Works on all GSXR's and SV's with Fuel injection

The Teka Suzuki FI Adjusting Tool will allow a professional tuner or casual user to exploit the native remapping  capabilities built into the Denso / Suzuki ECU - in many small throttle positions and with a relatively wide range of fuelling, + and -  adjustment!. No computer required. Realtime changes. Bike runs with the Teka plugged in. You can change mixture as you ride!

Adjust fuel mixture and then - take the Teka FI off. Changes are permanently stored in the Suzuki ECU!

What more could you ask for!

Capabilities include:

4 individual IDLE mixture settings:
In realtime,  you are able to adjust each individual cylinder's idle richer or leaner, AS the bike is running!
You can: Rough adjust with the "All Cyls", then fine tune with the Cyl1, Cyl2, Cyl3 or Cyl4 selection.
Makes it super easy to adjust idle mixture - allows you to eliminate the hunting, loping idle caused by improper idle mixture settings. Much better than a power commander or fuel nanny, which can't adjust individual idle - still rough idle possible and likely.
The Denso / Yosh FI adjuster, which can adjust each cylinder's idle mixture, requires that the engine be turned off to program each cylinder, making it difficult to quickly and easily adjust for best idle.

Teka has 5 discrete throttle position RUN settings:
You can adjust and programs fuel delivery in 5 different ranges -
1. up to 10% throttle - to help tune out that annoying off-idle hiccup.
2. 11% to 25% throttle
3. 26% to 50% throttle
4. 51% to 75% throttle 
5. 76% to 100% throttle
All adjustable with the engine running!
The Denso / Yosh FI adjuster requires that the engine be turned of to program each cylinder each time, making it impossible to quickly and accurately adjust for best idle.

Widest tuning range:
Teka FI has a super wide range of adjustment of any FI Adjusting tool. We list it as +100 to - 100. That's usually enough to cause lean misfire and rich misfire in most every Suzuki!
The fuel nanny only can richen up mixture - not lean out! Major, major  problem with many bikes! The problems with the 3 iteration of a different product will be present here also.
The Yoshimura FI Adjuster has a much limited adjustment range.

Ignition Scatter and other problems avoided:
Unlike the Power Commander 2, the Teka FI does not intercept and attempt to reproduce the ignition pulse causing power-robbing ignition timing scatter at high rpm. By not degrading the original ignition accuracy, Teka FI allows the Suzuki to produce the best top-end power possible as measured under load on the 4-Gas Low Inertia EC997 Eddy Current dyno.
Unlike the Power Commander 3 - the Teka is NOT confused by additional fuel pulses that some ECU's produce under quick acceleration, either. (That's the part of the reason that why PC3 users run into problems in attempting to tuning mixture at high rpm ranges at 10k+ rpms on some bikes).

Could the PC2 concept of intercepting sensor signals ever work?
Yes - it could work - and work very well, at that. We've proved that in the Teka MasterMap add-on box research.
The PC2 concept is very valid - BUT the DynoJet execution is very poorly done in comparison to what it could have been! - starting with the decision to use cheaper commercial-grade components rather than industrial grade.

Teka FI Adjuster can remain attached to the bike while testing:
Remains attached while road testing or dyno testing, unlike the Denso/Yosh FI adjuster.

Laptop NOT required:
Unlike the Power Commanders, no laptop is required to tune. This makes it easy to connect the Teka FI and ride the bike. Ride it - test it - select the "Run" area, pick the range required and hit the RH arrow to richen or the LH arrow to lean out the selected throttle range. Wasn't right? Select the range again and try again! (OK, I cheat. On the Low-Inertia EC997 dyno system,  I hold the throttle position and adjust it on the EC997 for best engine smoothness (try that -  DynoJet! You can't do that on a model whatever dj dyno - best defense? Don't buy a dj dyno!!).
At the AMA Sears Point National, I tuned a 750 by riding it in first gear at 4k and "snapping" the throttle to 25% to adjust that range for best snap response - and then on to 50% throttle. When the bike stood straight up at each throttle position, it was right - and performed better on the track - coming off corners better at part throttle!

Fits in your pocket! Cable and all!

Lightweight and strong
5-line LCD display
Attractive instrument case that is easy to hold and adjust - with 1 hand
Custom raised overlay for tactile key identification
Keys - rated at over 1,300,000 clicks!
Cable - flexible, rubber insulation - not a stiff,  plastic sleeve
Usable on multiple Suzuki's - doesn't stay on the bike - stays in your 4-Gas Low Inertia EC997 Dyno room!

Remembers last settings:
Make your changes - the last settings are stored in the Teka for recording in tuning record for the bike!



The Teka SFI 2 Suzuki Fuel Injection tuner works on:

  • gsxr  600, 01-08
  • gsxr  750, 98-08
  • gsxr1000, 01-08
  • gsx1300r Busa, all years
  • B King
  • sv650, 03-08
  • sv1000, 03-08
  • TL1000r, all years
  • TL1000s, all years
  • DL650 and 1000, all years
  • Boulevards
  • M109r (works GREAT on 109's!) and many other street Suzuki's


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